“I am an intermediate guitar player who lost his steam. Over the last year, Kitchen Music Studios has helped me to find the confidence and passion to play again. Great lessons, friendly atmosphere, and a wonderful pace for learning the way I need to.”  —Michael S

“I recently attended a crash course on multi-track recording and found it to be very informative and enjoyable.  The instructor was very knowledgable in the topic and in two short sessions was able to provide a comprehensive overview on the main foundational concepts.  This overview has really helped me to better understand the key elements recording process which has proved valuable in my ability to communicate with my producer and engineer as we work towards completion of our debut album.”
Eric Brombacher, lead guitarist of Shattervox

“My son really enjoyed his guitar lessons at Kitchen Music Studios.  Steve immediately established a good rapport and my son was thrilled to be learning from a “real rock star”!  His method of using a combination of basic technique and “riffs” from popular songs was well suited to my pre-teen’s focus level. Steve even went to the trouble of shopping with us for a guitar. Thanks so much to everyone at Kitchen Music Studios.”  —Julia S

“Thanks very much to Kitchen Music Studios for the lessons this year. Playing there is easily the highlight of my week. I’m able to see the guitar in a completely new way and for that I’m very grateful!” Geoff M

“I just want to take this opportunity to say how much Eian loves his lessons with Kitchen Music.  Eian has only great things to say, so thank you.  As he is determined to become a musician and go to Humber for their programme, sitting with Steve has helped him tremendously.” Kathleen D

“I have been taking lessons from Steve Briggs at Kitchen Music Studios since 2008 and during that time my playing has improved immensely.  Steve is not only an outstanding guitar player, he is an outstanding teacher.  Apart from his deep knowledge of the instrument and all genres of music, what really sets Steve apart is his ability to ‘demystify’ some of the more difficult concepts in guitar music theory and make them accessible and useable in real life settings.  This has helped incalculably in my writing and performing.” —Erik B

“Writing to say how superb we thought the student concert was. You and Steve have really tapped into and contributed to such a strong sense of community. I recall the dread of my own recitals (piano) which were so stiff and nerve-racking in my teacher’s living room. You are sooooo far from that! It’s wonderful to see people (kids and adults) express their creativity and joy in music. Thank you.” —Stuart E

“Max’s favourite hour of his entire week—Kitchen Music is amazing!” —Bev B

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