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Here’s a neat article about music lessons and living longer! Read it here.
DID YOU KNOW that playing music actually gives you a full body brain workout?
Here’s a little video explaining the long-term positive effects of playing music.

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Dates to Remember

Semester Schedule 2019-2020 Season:

FALL SEMESTER 2019: September 9th to February 13th.
# of 
weeks in fall:  MON=20, TUES=21, WED=21, THUR=21, FRI=19, SAT=19 

SPRING SEMESTER 2020: February 18th to June 25th.
# of weeks in spring: MON= 15 , TUES=18, WED=18, THURS=18, FRI=16, SAT=15

The Studio will be closed for the following holidays:

October 11-14    (Friday through to Monday) THANKSGIVING WEEK-END
Dec 22-Jan 5      WINTER BREAK
February 14-17 (Friday through to Monday) FAMILY DAY WEEK-END
March 15-22       MARCH BREAK
April 10-13         (Friday through to Monday) EASTER WEEK-END
May 16-18            VICTORIA DAY WEEK-END

LAST DAY OF SPRING 2020:  Saturday, June 25th, 2020

Two sets of student concerts are booked for students each year: February and June.