Policies & Fees

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Note: the information on this page is subject to change.
Please check back regularly to this page or feel free to contact us at the admin office. Thanks.
 New students may sign up at any time during the course of the year and will be only charged from the time of their registration. Sign up any time!

Individual lessons
Individual “Private” Lessons are a weekly commitment from the period that begins the week of September 14th, 2020 and continues through to June 26th, 2021 inclusive (aka our Studio Year). Please note the list of holidays when lesson bookings are omitted–you are not charged in your lesson fee for these holidays when the studio is closed. You can find the list of holidays on our home page HERE, or at the bottom of this page.
Group Programs
Group program fees may vary from program to program. Group fees are set at a flat rate for each Studio Year (Sept to June and are due upon enrolment (either in full or the first instalment in an instalment option of your choice). Please visit our Lessons  page for details on each program. As of Sept 2020, in-person group lessons are cancelled until further notice due to covid. Online group workshops (i.e. 7-week Workshops) will be announced over the course of the Studio Year, or you can contact the admin office for updates.
Online and In-person lessons
Online and in-person lessons are offered by the studio. In the event that in-person lessons are not feasible due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions or any other reason, Kitchen Music Studios reserves the right to move lessons to an online platform to ensure the health and safety of the teachers, students, their families and the administrative team.

For any in-person students who are unable to receive an online lesson for some reason, please contact the studio for your options (ie, inquire on another in-person instructor’s availability). If you have any questions about the online lesson format please contact the admin office at info@kitchenmusicstudios.com. See below for our rescheduling policy.

Registration and deposit
There is a $40 non-refundable annual registration fee for every registered family (i.e. if you have two family members registered, the fee is still  just $40 in total. Hooray!). Registration contributes to the cost of paperwork and computer processing, account maintenance & billing services, and general studio communication, which are all required in the set up, support and maintenance of your student’s learning experience in the for the year. For the 2020-21 studio year no additional fees will be charged due to the required additional safety investments for the studio (PPE, plexiglass, additional cleaning expenses, etc)
Deposit: There is a required $100 non-refundable deposit upon enrolment for each student to secure their spot for the year in advance. The deposit will be applied to your Lesson Fee for the Studio Year.
Ready-Set-Go! Plan (for new students only)
First time students can take advantage of a  two-lesson trial package ($72 for two x 30mins, $144 for two x 60min lessons)  After your two trial lessons, if you choose not to continue you are not obligated to commit to a full membership. If you choose to continue, the Ready-Set-Go fee is applied to your Studio Year fee.

Membership and Payment Options 

All students are enrolled in our Lesson Membership that entitles students up to 38 lesson weeks within the 2020-21 Studio Year (September to June). Fees are pro-rated for those who enrol mid-season, as well as those whose regular lesson days are in conflict with our scheduled holidays. Lessons are generally booked in a designated weekly time slot and reserved for you for the year at the time of booking. The Kitchen Music Studios’ Membership Fee has three main options for payment:
• 10 equal monthly auto-payments
on your VISA/Mastercard (September-June) on the 9th of each month.
(The first payment in the payment schedule may be paid by e-transfer if desired.)
• 2 equal payments (September & January)
via credit card, e-transfer or post-dated cheques
• 1 single payment for the year
due upon enrolment via credit card, e-transfer, cash or cheque
Please contact the admin office if you need a tax receipt and we’ll get that out to you.

Summer Lessons

Summer lessons work differently than our regular season lessons and do not happen every year. There are no cancellations or make-up lessons available for summer packages. For more info please contact the studio if you are interested in summer lessons.
Important Stuff about attendance:

Cancelling a lesson

Individual Lessons
We require a minimum of 48 hours notice by email for any cancellation or unfortunately the lesson must be considered forfeited by you. More than 48 hours notice is definitely preferred! Thanks.
The fee equivalent for a maximum of two missed ( and unrescheduled) lessons can be credited to your account at the end of the studio year. Additional cancelled lessons can either be rescheduled within the Studio Year or during a designated Kitchen Music Make-up Lesson Event occasionally arranged by the studio. If not, they are forfeited by you. Lessons which are missed without the required 48 hours notice by email cannot be credited or rescheduled.
Group programs
Cancellations for individual students are not available in the group programs (flat rate).

Rescheduling a lesson

48 HOURS NOTICE is required: Students may reschedule lessons based on the availability of their instructor. Other instructors may be available to reschedule your lesson to as well.  Rescheduling a lesson needs to be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the lesson to be missed, but more notice for the instructor is preferred.  All rescheduled lessons must be made within the current Studio Year or must be forfeit (see “Cancelling a lesson” above for credit options for missed lessons.)

Rescheduling to an online lesson

Sometimes you’re stuck at home with a sick kid. You have a school event to attend. You’re out of town. Maybe there’s a snowstorm on the way. Whatever the scheduling conflict, switching your in-person lesson to an online lesson is a convenient alternative to forfeiting your lesson.
Stay at home and keep your lesson booking by connecting with your Kitchen Music teacher via Zoom from the safety and comfort of your own home at your designated lesson time.
For more details including info on our Sick Day Policy and Instructor Cancellations, please download our handy Rescheduling Options page.


Suspending your Membership

Your membership is flexible. We highly recommend following through on your commitment for the year’s lessons to receive all the benefits it can bring you, but if something arises and you really need to discontinue your lessons, you can. We just require 4 weeks notice. Send us an email four weeks before your last lesson day–you will be billed for the four weeks following your notice to us.
Please note that the policies on this web page are subject to change without notice.

Dates to Remember

2020-2021 Calendar (38 weeks)
Monday Sept 14th to Saturday June 26th.
The Studio will be closed for the following holidays:
October 10-12    (3 days: Saturday through to Monday) THANKSGIVING WEEK-END
Dec 21-Jan 3      WINTER BREAK
February 13-15  (3 days: Saturday through to Monday) FAMILY DAY WEEK-END
March 14-21       MARCH BREAK
April 2-5              (4 days: Friday through to Monday) EASTER WEEK-END
May 22-24           VICTORIA DAY WEEK-END
LAST DAY OF LESSONS for 2020-21:  Saturday, June 26th, 2021
Two sets of student concerts are booked for students each year: February and June.