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____+  Small group beginner guitar (ages 6 to 8)
           + Singin’ in the Kitchen: Vocal Instruction (all ages)
____+ Tickling the Ivories: Piano instruction  (all ages)
____+ Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele and Banjo instruction (all ages)
____+ Jam Sessions in the Kitchen  (adults)  (teens)

NEW!! Small group intro guitar class for beginners age 6 to 8

This 30-minute introductory class runs for just one semester only, and introduces kids to rhythms, chords and simple melodies on the guitar in a fun, supportive and social setting. It’s a great little intro to the instrument and to music in general, all while prepping your youngster for their own private instruction later on. With a maximum of just three students in the class, it’s unique small-group alternative to private lessons that helps young budding musicians discover their own musicality. Don’t have a guitar yet? Contact the studio for more info on the temporary use of a Kitchen Music Studios guitar exclusively for this program.
Max 3 students. 30 minutes on Saturday afternoons


Singin’ In the Kitchen: Vocal Instruction

Sessions are fun, meaningful and energetic—focusing as much on style, intention and character as they do on technique (breath control, posture, resonance, vibrato, etc.) For beginner to advanced students, professional instruction in the Kitchen is engaging for young students as well as the young at heart!  To find out more about our vocal instructors, visit Our Instructors page.
Individual lessons, all ages: 30 minute and 60 minute time slots.

Tickling the Ivories: Piano Instruction

Kitchen Music instructors have the talent and skill (and patience!) to help the budding pianist in your family–young or old–discover the joy of adding music into your life. For younger students, basic skills (posture, hand position, reading music, chord progressions and an introduction to a repertoire from the classics to contemporary tunes) to intermediate or advanced players (music theory, improvisation, jazz, boogie woogie, or the  good ol’ twelve-bar blues are a few of possible areas of study).
Learning basic mandatory skills mainly through contemporary popular tunes is how the lessons stay fresh and engaging–particularly for the young ones. For those who want to study the classics, we are also able to help students prep for RCM exams/University auditions as well. For beginners as well as advanced students, this is your chance to sit with the best and learn to play. Visit Our Instructors page for more info.
Individual lessons, all ages: 30 minute and 60 minute time slots


Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele and Banjo instruction

This is where the Kitchen’s humble beginnings are rooted! Study guitar, mandolin and more here in the Kitchen with some of the best players and instructors in the city. Top-notch instruction, and all in an informal, relaxed setting. Visit Our Instructors page to find out who you could be learning from!
Individual lessons, all ages: 30 minute and 60 minute time slots


Jam Sessions in the Kitchen

Kitchen Music Instructional Studios offers a weekly facilitated jam session for adult guitar players who have passed the beginner stage of learning to play, and who want an opportunity to learn the nuances of playing with others in an informal but supported environment. Small group (max 4 people). Fun? Yes! It’s a great way to become inspired toward those evenings around the campfire or winter get-togethers.
Monday Night Jam Session: INSTRUMENTAL JAM: An Intro to Improvisation
(60mins weekly)
Learning to improvise is one thing, but having a chance to exercise your developing skills in a group setting is another. Join a few like-minded soloists who are ready to dig their teeth in to the world of improvisation. Both guitarists and bass players are welcome to join. Genres explored are jazz and blues. Monday Night Instrumental Jam is facilitated by instructor Steve Briggs–read up on him on Our Instructors page.
(60mins weekly)

Wednesday night jammers are exposed to a mix of genres, from roots to blues to pop primarily from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and filtered through an acoustic lens (with a dash of electricity thrown in here and there).  Beatles, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Rodeo, The Band, Rolling Stones, The Byrds…this is a good choice for those who have a taste for  a little variety. This jam is facilitated by Steve Copek–you can read a bit about him on Our Instructors page.
Thursday Night Jam Session: AMERICANA JAM: Finding Your Acoustic Roots
(60mins weekly)

This jam session digs into tunes from the heart of American Roots–the melting pot of country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues. Explore the music of artists like Gram Parsons, John Hiatt, Gillian Welch, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Levon Helm, Rosie Flores, Junior Brown, Allison Krauss, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle. This jam is primarily an acoustic session. This jam is facilitated by Matt Elwood–read up on him on Our Instructors page.
For adults.  90-minute weekly sessions.
Tuesday night jams
For adults. One-hour weekly sessions.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday night jams
Jam Session for Teens
Social theory guru Malcolm Gladwell says that devoting 10,000 hours is the key to mastering your ability and to really shine. We think that’s probably true. So here’s your opportunity to clock in a few on your way to becoming one awesome bandmate! Intermediate players will learn what it takes to play in a group, improve skills and have some fun.
Maximum: 4 jammers per group.
Teen Jam—ages 14-16 One hour weekly sessions, Saturday afternoons. Monday Evenings. Guitarists, bassists welcome. Singing is encouraged!

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