7-Week Workshops for Grown ups!

Please note: Our group classes are currently suspended due to the current pandemic. Online lessons are available for private instruction. Visit our Lessons page for more.

CHART WRITING 101: An online Master Class
Monday evenings 8pm-9pm
Seven weeks (exact dates to be posted October 2020)
Limited Space

Chart writing is about communication: before we can communicate music, we must first understand its concepts and notation. Once we’ve covered key signatures & time signatures and harmonized major and minor scales, we will visit topics more directly related to chart writing, song form, road maps, transpositions and how to notate accompaniment. By week seven you will be able to write a clear and concise chord chart that musician will have no trouble reading.

Seven Week Program
Week 1: Road signs, rest and simile signs etc. Major and minor harmonized scales. 
Week 2: Intro to the Nashville Number system. Converting the Nashville Number System to chords
Week 3: Intro to Form Analysis. Key signatures and time signatures
Week 4: Putting pen to paper: applying these concepts
Week 5: Identifying common non-diatonic or borrowed chords and how to chart them.
Week 6: Transposition 
Week 7: Course overview and final test 
Facilitated by Steve Briggs

Ladies Choir Workshop
Tuesday Evenings 7:30pm-8:30pm

Seven weeks (not currently available due to covid)

This Spring we are offering a vocal harmonyworkshop for Ladies 19+. In this 7-week workshop we will explore some basic vocal technique & breath management, explore harmony, build confidence. We’ll finish the program with a small concert for a few friends in the Kitchen Music Salon. Experience the unique joy of singing with others this spring…JOIN US!

Wednesday afternoons, 2pm-3pm

Seven weeks (exact dates to be posted October 2020)
Limited Space

Do you want to carve out a little piece of your day for YOU before you before you pick up the kids from school? Or maybe you’re looking for a project to challenge your brain, inspire your creative self and have some fun?
Why not dust off that guitar in your closet and join us! Small group guitar instruction for the adult beginner. This 7-week workshop will have you on the road to having more music in your life.

We’ll follow up with you and get you registered!